IT Health Assessment

The real potentiality of IT systems is recognised as valuable and efficient when it has a good backup, recovery, archive and the reporting system in the operations with a basic fundamental for maintaining a thriving data management environment.

Our IT support guy can help every business organisation at risk points. In fact, we can let you know where we have a chance of issues in your IT environment. IT Support Guy has a team of excellent Health Assessment experts who can identify potential vulnerabilities in your network to prevent unauthorised access, secure sensitive data, to augment security systems, for mobile usage and IT infrastructure.

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Our Managed Business IT Support Services Cover

Operations: Hardware configuration services and Software configuration services

Accessibility: Provide an expected level of service

Security Risks: Protect your system from potential loss, theft, and vulnerability

Recovery: Recover quickly from the disaster.

At IT Support Guy, you get an advantage to determine your IT health score and optimise your IT support accordingly. Our IT specialists use advanced methodologies, including on-site observation, external vulnerability scans, client interviews, and data collection, to define a good health score for your IT infrastructure.

Following are the areas on which we determine a health score:

Composite Health Score

IT Facilities


Internet and WAN

Remote Access


IT Security

Local Network

Workstations and Servers



Mobile Devices

Business Continuity

Critical Applications

Post Install Assessment

We don’t stop just after determining the health score for your business process. Instead, we also conduct a post-install assessment for 90 days and stand by your side to view the progress report of your IT health. Once we find improved health, we move on to develop an IT business plan.

Our expert knowledge helps you to gain productivity, cut overall costs, secure competitive advantages, and boost your business ROI. We make sure the plan we develop, adhere to your compliance needs, and support your business process to the fullest.

If you want to implement the best IT solutions for your business, IT Support Guy is certainly a great stop to stop by.

Annual Network Assessment

IT Support Guy is not just fruitful for providing software and hardware configuration services in Sydney. Preferably you also get the leverage to access annual network assessment free of charge.

Our network assessment report helps businesses to determine their assets, cut costs, find multiple opportunities, magnify their sales, and eliminate serious risks. Just talk with our IT health assessment experts and get some business improvement ideas.

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